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Laser Treatments and Counting

Medical Staff

We are operated by a team of highly qualified Dermatologists and Registered Nurses with over a decade of experience in Laser Technologies. Our specialists also provide training to other clinics across the industry.


If your tattoo isn’t gone by the time our specialists have finished the specified number of treatments we will continue treatment at no cost to you until the tattoo has been removed. (Maximum period of 12 months)

Latest Technology

NTR has the technology to remove any tattoo quickly, safely and with cost efficiency. Our equipment includes the Picosure Laser and its revolutionary dual wavelength hand piece and the Zimmer Epidermal Cooler.

Payment Plans

NTR has teamed up with MAC Credit to provide you with fast and easy options for payment plans to help fund your tattoo removal treatment. Get your treatment tomorrow and pay later! Terms and conditions apply.

How does Picosure laser tattoo removal work?

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Newcastle and Central Coast’s most experienced laser tattoo removal clinic.

Removing your tattoo faster than ever before. Medical practitioners specialising in Picosure laser technology.

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