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Yahoo Lifestyle “health and wellbeing” feature

Our registered nurse Sarah Chatburn features in Yahoo Lifestyle health and wellbeing – “tattoo removal review” – comparing Q-switched Lasers to Picosecond lasers for tattoo removal.

Key advantages of Picosure Technology

A Patients perspective:
“First, it’s significantly less painful during and after treatment and secondly, it shortens the number of sessions you need. Sarah advised me that I could need one more treatment on a certain area of the tattoo, and the rest will fade over time. In the long term, it could work out the same price or cheaper than Q-Switched as you have fewer sessions.

It’s been nearly 6 weeks since my second treatment and the tattoo is largely faded. In six months time, it will be clearer again, and will continue to fade over time.”


After two Picosure Treatments at Newcastle Tattoo Removal

After two Picosure treatments at by Sarah Chatburn -Newcastle Tattoo Removal Registered Nurse

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